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Meet the NWCGE Staff - A nice bunch of guys... really :)

Lee is one of the original founders of NWCGE. He is an Aerospace engineer, father, mountaineer, devoted husband and a big classic gamer. Upon meeting Lee, many are surprised to learn that classic games are his secondary hobby. His main love is in mountaineering and conservation. His climbing resume includes all the major volcanic peaks in Washington state and is always setting his sights on other mountaineering challenges.
His main classic gaming interests are in anything Atari from Pong to the Jaguar. He loves to tinker with applying new technologies to classic videogames. Many in the classic gaming circle consider Lee somewhat of a classic gaming guru, especially in the Northwest. It is a title that he has reluctantly learned to accept.

Hans is long time classic gaming fan with roots that extend to Central Europe. Because of this, he has amassed a large collection of classic video games from overseas. His Odyssey (Jopac/Vidpac) collection is to die for. You name it, he has it. Despite the fact that he works for Microsoft, he is actually a likeable guy. Contrary to popular belief, Hans does not own large amounts of valuable stocks and is still working on his first million.
His contributions to NorthWest classic gaming scene are tremendous. He always has extras to share and is willing to do most anything to help out a fellow gamer in need. Someday, Hans plans to have his classic gaming collection organized and displayed in his house.... as soon as the new wing is added to his mansion.

Rob is another enthusiastic NWCGE staff member who has been an avid participant form the start. He is a devoted husband, father, boater, skier and a major collector of anything classic game related. He has extensive collections of Commodore, TI/99, Apple II, NES and SMS games. He is especially proud of his boxed Bandai Intellivision (released exclusively in Japan).
Rob is known affectionately by local collectors as "papa Mario". He sports a Mario like mustache and is just as lovable. When he isn't playing classic video games, he can usually be found traveling around North Western Washington in an Aid Unit helping distressed folks with medical problems. Many times there have been sightings of the Aid truck parked outside one of the local thrift stores in the area, presumably to help out the less fortunate - or so he states.

Rick is a passionate Atari 2600 collector. Despite his claims to having a life outside of video games, no one has been able to report evidence in support of this claim. In spite of this, Rick meets all the requirements required of a NWCGE staff organizer. He has enthusiasm, energy, enthusiasm, commitment and lots of enthusiasm.
He defected from Southern California to come to the Northwest and so far no one here has had the guts to ask him to leave. Maybe it is because of his kind demeanor and his enthusiasm to do the menial tasks that nobody here wants to do. In any case we all do love him and hope he continues to blend in the Northwest culture. Oh yeah, did we mention he has loads of enthusiasm for video games. Just don't pull his finger if he asks you... he needs it strong and healthy to hold the joystick steady. He is one of the top NWCGE record holders.

Jarett is the newest NWCGE staff member and was brought on board to provide renewed enthusiasm to the NWCGE staff. Jarett offers something that none of us has..... and as soon as we figure that out, we will let you know. As far as we can tell he is a busy young man in college, studying business and performing one of the most perverse psychological experiments known to mankind. Unbeknownst to his classic gaming friends he is secretly conducting tests on them to support his thesis. Despite what Freud said about sex and and the human psyche, he is out to prove that man is not driven by lust, but by digital pixels. So far, it seems, we have not let him down.
His family is just as energetic as he is. Not only do they help him out, traveling with him to various gaming expos across the country, they actually seem to enjoy it. Ah, there's the rub, be careful our fellow gaming friends, for you may just find yourself as another footnote in his thesis... We dare you to prove him wrong.

John Hancock is a long time video game collector, and a hell of a nice
guy. His collection of games is only exceeded by his huge breadth of
game knowledge, and his willingness to share the hobby he loves so
much with others. John has been a critical part of the NWCGE
convention, donating his time, equipment, and expertise each year, as
well as assisting in running tournaments and other functions. His
friendly, outgoing personality has made him popular with both staff
and attendees. He runs popular game tournaments in his spare time, and
has had several game related articles published in the press.


I have a 2600 and 45 games along with about 70 on 5" floppy.with console , controalers , joysticks etc..I ive in Mukilteo and am trying to find a price I shouls be asking for them. Thanks Richard J. Lawton

Hi, I'm Brent Hail, the Operations Manager at the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Could someone in your organization contact me by email or phone (972-248-9200) to discuss the Atari cartridge with proceeds going to NBCF? Thank you.

Just my first comment here to say hello to all. I will be looking forward to stopping by the NWCGE booth in Vegas.

Hi Chris, see you (and all your Vectrex stuff) at CGE in a few days!!!

Where can I go (In the pacific Northwest), to get a decent price for my old atari 800 with disk drive, joy sticks and mucho, mucho games?

Hi Bert: I have had really good luck selling some of my classic stuff on Craigslist. Keep in mind that the Atari 800 is not *super* popular unless you have lots of original software. I've seen some of the old EA software go for very decent money (like Archon, Pinball Construction Set etc.). Good luck!

When is the next NWCGE2K8?

When is the next NWCGE2K8?

Hi Chris, dates have just been posted! August 2 & 3!
Hope to see you there!

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