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Classic Gaming Weekend & Atari Championship Admission Costs

Here are the admission prices for the NWCGE2K6 Classic Gaming Expo and the Seattle Atari Championship:
Pre-paid Admission and Admission prices for NWCGE 2K6 (deadline for pre-pay is Feb 13th)
Classic Gaming Expo only - NO Atari Championship
ONE DAY = $10.00 (Saturday OR Sunday)
BOTH DAYS = $15.00

Sunday Classic Gaming Expo WITH Atari Championship
Sunday Atari Championships = $15.00 (includes Sunday Admission WITHOUT t-shirt)
Sunday Atari Championships = $20.00 (includes Sunday Admission WITH t-shirt)

Saturday AND Sunday Classic Gaming Expo WITH Atari Championship
Saturday and Sunday Atari Championships = $25.00 (includes t-shirt)

Trust me: you want the t-shirt :) We will have plenty of t-shirts but we may not always have the right size - sorry!

Tickets can be bought at the entrance Saturday and Sunday (cash only) or can be paid in advance:
Please Contact Us! Please make sure you remove the "SPAM_IS_EVIL" part from the email address so the email address ends on "webtv.net" - this foils some of the automated spammers.


I was just wondering where tickets can be purchased at? Can they be purchased at the door or do you have to pre-order them? Also, can you order them online for people who don't live in Seattle? Thanks.

Hmm... good point. I'll contact you and add that information here as well.

Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

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