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Classic Videogame Vendors

NorthWest Classic Games Enthusiasts Expo 2006
FEBRUARY 25-26, 2006

Here is the list of classic videogame vendors scheduled to be at the NortWest Classic Gaming Expo Saturday and Sunday!

  • Vintage Fun World - Lots of classic system, a huge selection of Nintendo and others!
  • Pink Godzilla - Rare imports and many classics, specializing in SEGA and Nintendo, local Seattle store.
  • Y-Bot - Tons of classics games and consoles, accessories and great selection on anything retro!
  • ResQsoft - Limited edition rarities for Atari 2600, local enthusiast.
  • PackRat Videogames - Awesome selection of new homebrews and rare games for all classic consoles!
  • Rick Weis - Collector sells some of his rare items, many hard to find and unique classic games.
  • Layne - Sells 'newer' classics such as NeoGeo, Sega, Nintendo etc., always good for unusual stuff! He will also sell many rare items from his private collection!!!
  • CyberRoach - From old Atari stuff to LaserActive, also sells classic videogame DVDs.

So bring your want and trade lists and some money! Also check back since this list will get updated with new vendors! Interested in becoming a vendor? Please Contact Us! Please make sure you remove the "SPAM_IS_EVIL" part from the email address so the email address ends on "webtv.net" - this foils some of the automated spammers.

A single table is $40 (includes 1 admission and a listing in the program)
A booth (3 tables) is $100 (includes 2 admissions and a banner on the vendor & exhibitors webpage and a listing in the program)


I was just wondering if any of the vendors have 8-bit Atari System items of if they all just deal with consoles...

Hi Chaos Protocol, there is at least one guy that will bring some old 8-bit hardware (Atari, Commodore etc.). More in a few days...

Forgive me if I'm being thick, but where is the Expo being held? I can't find any location information.

I for sure will be at my vendor spot for Vintage Fun World. This time I will be bringing classic computer hardware, accessories and games as well for sale along with my normal show stuff. The classic computers will include: Atari 8-bits, the Atari ST series, VIC-20 Carts, Commodore 64, Amiga, Apple II Series, some TI-99/4A carts and of course my favorite: The TRS-80 / Tandy Color Computer!

Location is the Sea-Tac Holiday Inn, see link upper right on the main page (also has map).

I have a Xevius consol that needs repair - any ideas anyone?

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