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Show Exclusive Game ATRIX for Atari 2600

NWCGE is proud to announce a show exclusive game for the Atari 2600: ATRIX. Imagine The Matrix Atari-style! This unique game plays unlike any other Atari game you've seen and has very addictive qualities!

There will also be an ATRIX contest with the winner getting a free copy of ATRIX for the Atari 2600!

ATRIX (limited run) for the Atari 2600, NWCGE show exclusive!

ATRIX is more then just a hack of IXION, Thomas Jentzsch (SWOOPS!, Thrust plus, Jammed) made many changes to IXION to make it more fun and more of a challenge. some of the things changed:
+ bug fixes:
+ constant 262 scanlines (was 260/261)
+ missile bounce dir (one angle was completely wrong)
+ make the game harder:
+ less lives (-50%) (was 6, now 3)
+ less time (-25%)
+ less own missile bounces (-50%) (was 2, now 1)
+ shorter orb movement (-33%)
+ less enemy shots delay (-50%)
+ faster enemy shots (+100%)
+ faster enemy respawn (-50%)
+ less enemy turning delay (-~33%)
+ scoring:
+ more blocks for 10k bonus score (was 103, now 105)
+ less points for old 10k bonus (was 10k now 5k)
+ less points for old 15k bonus (was 15k, now 10k)
+ plus some additional graphical hacks and enhancements were made to reflect the storyline mentioned below and to add a spiffy NWCGE Expo title screen.

The story behind ATRIX....
It seems that Winky's latest adventure has led him down a dark futuristic path. He must deal with the machines of Xion. In a mixed up story about destiny and the chosen one. Things couldn't have gotten any worse. In trying to keep ahead of the Agents Smith and Brown, the Sentinels are hot on his tail.
Armed with little more than a magical sword, Winky soon found himself in well over his head. The oracle never mentioned that it would come to this. It is up to you to jack into the ATRIX and guide the Nebucanezzera ship to free Winky from the ATRIX and save all of the A-T-A-R-I digital history, preserving forever the promise of Xion. There is no time for trilogies, the time is now.
Winky is NOT the one. Rather, he is just an innocent by-stander caught between pixels of the past and the future of polygons. Save him.... while there is time!

Getting in is easy. Help Winky escape... and you may live.


Any Atrix games left over from the show?I can pay with money order or check.Thanks DWH

My wife getting sick during her pregnancy forced me to miss the show and I was wondering how I could get two of these (an old retired navy computerphobe friend of mine uses me to help his atari addiction :-) )

Saw your post on the mailing list, stay tuned!

Hi there...do you have any ARTIX games left over? I'd love to buy one. Also, did Mr. Robot for the O2 get released? I'd love to get one of those, too. Any info would be helpful...thanks!


Hi Bryan, I forwarded your email address to Rick, he will contact you!

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