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Show release of Mr. Roboto for Odyssey 2

Packrat Videogames is please to announce the release of a new Odyssey 2 game at this year's NWCGE show: Mr. Roboto!

Anybody that saw this awesome game at CGE last fall agrees that this has to be one of the best if not the best Odyssey 2 game out there!

Combining strategic chess-like elements with fast paced shooting and dodging action Mr. Roboto sets a new standard for the Odyssey 2. If you have ever played Archon on the Atari 8-bits or the Commodore 64 then imagine the same concept implemented on the Odyssey 2. Impossible you say? Well, Mr. Roboto pulls it off!

Brilliant action, great graphics, nice sound effects, Mr. Roboto is a must-have for the Odyssey 2!