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Thank You!

Thank you for joining us at NWCGE 2K6 and the Atari Championships this past weekend!

A special Thank You to Joe Decuir for a great keynote and some unique insights into the relations between the Atari 2600 and the Xbox 360! Thanks to David Galloway and Bob Montgomery, homebrew programmers and true Atarians for some phenomenal demos and keynote. Thanks to Jim Valley for a great KIRO 710 interview with Joe Decuir, for getting our link on there and for the touching finish to a crowning Championship Finale.

Thanks to all of our Sponsors and Vendors! Thanks for keeping the spirit of classic gaming alive!

Also a big Thank You to Rick our main organizer, Lee, Rob, Nate, Alison, Tina, John in no particular order... ah well, there are just too darn many to list you all! Comment here if you must have your name on here! :)

We promise to be back bigger and better next year but no need to wait that long - check us out at the SAKURA CON in March!