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Greetings From SAKURA CON

Here are some first impressions from the SAKURA CON. Great costumes (many of them videogame related) and lots of cool events!


Hey, this is Beth from the Con (aka the obsessive Kaboom player). I just thought I'd write in to say thanks for bringing all those consoles in! I had a real blast, and I'd love to come to the next Expo you guys have.

Thank you for being at SakuraCon!
2nd con I ever went to and I'm pretty sure I spent more time in the Classic Console room then anywhere else at the Con.
Also did a double-take as I see myself in picture 1 (white shirt) and staring at the TV and NES to the left that probably had Bionic Commando or Gauntlet II going.
Thank you again. ^_^

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