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The Road To The Championship

How did we get to the finals, what games were played and what were the big upsets? Read on for more information on how the championship unfolded...
Btw: we also spotted a serious case of Pac-Man fever :)

It started out with a highscore-round of Activision's Kaboom! followed by high-score rounds in Pac-Man Jr. and Activision's Spider Fighter (tough game!).

Kaboom! round
(click for a larger image)

The top 20 contestants moved on to go head-to-head in a round of Frogs and Flies and incredibly the leading constestant Carl got eliminated by Mike who barely made it into the main field. Second year in a row for Carl - we promise no more Frogs and Flies!!!

Joe Decuir puts Kaboom! to the test
(click for a larger image)

Frogs and Flies
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The 10 winners moved on to a high-score round of progressive Super Breakout which narrowed the field down to four semi-finalists. Unfortunately Joe had to drop out so Tom at 5th place was able to move on. Little did we know that Tom would kick butt in the next round of Pitfall! and make it into the finals!

Pitfall! semi-finals
(click for a larger image)

In the finals it was a drawn-out grudge match between Chris and Tom playing Activision's Boxing. Jim Valley from KIRO 710 news radio served as the ring announcer and the fight began. Tom quickly gained a sizeable lead and was on the verge of winning when Chris suddenly resurged and captured round after round. Tom got tangled up in the ropes and Chris pulled off the last round win! Unbelievable!

Boxing finals
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Both finalists gave everything and it was the most exciting Championship in the history of the event!

Winner by knock-out: Chris
(click for a larger image)

Second by the smallest of margins: Tom
(click for a larger image)

No worries, Tom still made off with a huge pile of loot and sore thumbs!

Loot for Tom
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Chris, the winner, got so many prizes that his truck was barely able to hold it all! Naa, he did bring a lot of stuff in the first place :) But he did get a ton of goodies to take home!

Chris loading his truck
(click for a larger image)

I just hope he made it home in one piece!


Wow Chris has his truck loaded to the sky! How far did he have to travel?

Yes I did! Boy was I tired!

Anacortes or something like that... well, looks like he made it! :)

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