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NWCGE 2K6 Vancouver - Limited Edition Atari 2600 Game Release

NWCGE will have a Special Atari 2600 game release, in which every Dollar from the sale of these carts will be donated to the breast cancer foundation!
The cart is made from the "post it note" which was made from the original author himself (John K Harvey) each cart says " THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER! YOUR LIMITED-EDITION CARTRIDGE IS #1. HELP FOR TODAY... HOPE FOR TOMORROW. HTTP://WWW.NATIONALBREASTCANCER.ORG " and each cart has it's own serial number in the message, making each cart different in it's own. This is a limited show release of only 20 carts! and each cart is $25.00 picture of the cart can be seen at this link:


I like to personally thank everyone involved in making this cart: John K. Harvey for taking the time to code each binary and letting us use his post it note code. Lee Krueger for the great art work on the labels, Albert Yarusso (from Atariage.com) for making the carts and labels (and giving us a good deal on them.) :) and John Hancock for thinking up the idea of making a cart for a charity.

Rick (NWCGE Staff)

Webmaster's note: this is a fantastic idea and I also want to say thanks to everybody - you guys rock!