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October 12, 2006

NWCGE 2K6 Vancouver Show Report

The show is over and I am *so* bummed that I couldn't be there (business trip, darned!). Rick, Lee and the other guys told me that it was great and that just about 100 people showed up - a great turnout for the first time of doing this in the Vancouver, WA and Portland area!

This is what Rick had to say in an email shortly after the event:
I was still setting up my booth and all, while there was a mad rush at all the other booths tables for all the deals...
As to the one highlight that really made my day: in the NBA JAM contest we had about 8 people enter it and 2 of them were a young boy (maybe 7ish) and his father (the father wanted to win it for his son in case his son did not win). His son won the contest in the first round and it seemed everyone was rooting for the boy. But the son lost in the 2nd round. His father went all the way to the finals where he played against Jason (dreamTR on DP boards) he's the one that loaned us the NWC cart for the NES championship. Anyway Jason blew his father away in the game (it was not even a close score the whole game 20+) but at the end Jason gave the 1st prize (Genesis system and the Beggar Prince game) to the father to give to his son. That was real class that jason showed there!

There were many, MANY deals to be had! Just a few that i saw for a short time:
Vectrex for $60
CV with boxed moduel #1 for $30

That's about all the highlights i remember except for seeing someone play the NWC cart! That was a first for me. :) i need to find one of those one of these days!

Wow, sounds great and thanks Jason! Oh, one more thing: the total of the Breast Cancer Charity Fund runs at around $700 - YEAH! Awesome job guys!!! Also thanks to AtariAge for auctioning off the #1 cart!

Pictures will be posted in the next few days, stay tuned!

Friday 10/13/2006 HIGH SCORE Movie @ Central Cinema in Seattle

One Quarter. Two Days. No Pause Button. Friday 10/13/2006 the Central Cinema in Seattle will show the movie HIGH SCORE, a documentary about a man trying to break the world record in Atari's Missile Command arcade game. This man is Bill Carlton from Portland and in order to break this 20-year old record of 80 million points he will have to play over 2 days straight with no sleep.
Check out the films website for more information.
Showtimes at the Central Cinema are at 7:00 and 9:30 in the evening, we will be there for the 7:00 PM show. And hey, I heard they have good pizza too! :)