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NWCGE 2K7 Portland Update

Ticket Prices
Ticket prices at the door: (no pre-orders)
$10.00 for 1 day
$15.00 for both days
$25.00 for family 1 day
$40.00 for family both days
(family up to 5 people)

Table = $40.00 (comes with 1 free admission)
Booth = $120.00 (comes with 3 free admissions)

Show Program Ads In COLOR
Full page = $50.00
Half page = $25.00

Show Program Ads in B/W
Full page = $30.00
Half page = $15.00
Quarter page = $10.00

Please contact Rick Weis at AT2600COLLECTOR@webtv.net to become a vendor.

Atari 2600 Championships on saturday september 29th starts at 5pm
Nintendo NES championships on sunday september 30th starts at 5pm
Games to be played for each championship will be announced just before the start but we know that the NES Championships will feature the Nintendo NWC cartridge! Entry in the championships is FREE!

Check back soon!

Check back soon!