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NWCGE 2K7 Contests And Prizes

Here are some of the contests so far:

  • HALO 3 on the Xbox 360
  • Guitar Hero on the PS2
  • Burgertime on the NES
  • Mario Clash on the Virtual Boy
  • Armor Attack on the Vectrex
  • Zaxxon on the ColecoVision
  • NWCGE 2K7 Lady Bug on the Atari 2600

And many more to come!


Any idea on what day each contest will be on and maybe an approximate time?

ANSWER: OK, we'll put this up here soon!

Do you guys remember roadrash, I believe Road Rash was the best bike game ever. the game was so simple and easy, I could play it even today. I played this game a few days back that kinda remininded me of Road Rash, u guys sud try it out if u liked the original, u can find it here..

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