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NWCGE 2K8 Portland Retro Gaming Expo in Full Swing!


Today is the opening day of the 2008 Portland Retro Gaming Expo at the Holiday Inn Airport hotel. Almost 100 people have showed up so far for the best deals on classic and modern video games, to participate in contests and to win prizes!


Just to give you an idea of the kind of deals that are happening here:

  • Nice Toploader NES $35
  • PS2 JP Space Invaders Deluxe box $50
  • Genesis Virtual Reality Set in box $25


I saw tons of Nintendo NES, SNES and SEGA Genesis games and stocked up on some Xbox and Xbox 360 games as well. There were even some Vectrex games for less than half of going Ebay prices!


On the collector's side booths range from "I cleaned out my basement!" to "Here are all my duplicates!".


Video Game Wizards, Recycled Gamer, Billy Galaxy and many more professional video game traders showed up as well. In total there are about 20 booths with anything related to classic and current video games.


On the contest side there are tons of single game contests, the highlight so far was the Atari 2600 Track & Field contest. Very arthritic in nature :)


Some unique things I saw:

  • Amiga 500 in a giant box
  • SEGA Dreamcast development kit
  • Xbox development kit
  • SEGA Dreamcast display kiosk that's being raffled of
  • PS1 display kiosk
  • Various prototype and lab-loaner carts


Still happening today:

  • Atari 2600 Championship @ 5:00 PM
  • Showing of the movie HIGH SCORE with the start of the movie, Bill Carlton being present and answering questions!
  • A few more single-game contests

The show goes on tomorrow with N64 contests and more selling and trading as well as more prices and competitions.