December 12, 2005


Meet the NWCGE Staff - A nice bunch of guys... really :)

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NWCGE - Who are we?

We are the Northwest Classic Gaming Enthusiasts - a group of people interested in the hobby of collecting and playing classic videogames. And while we focus on classics we don't stop there, we like all videogames. So anything from the pre-Atari days all the way to the Xbox 360 is of interest for us! We also like old home computers like the Atari 8-bits, Commodores, Apples etc., many of us are into PC-gaming as well.

Northwest means anything from Northern California over Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana to Southwest Canada. We have one person from Utah in there as well, we are flexible!

NWCGE Charter

NWCGE Charter
The North West Classic Games Enthusiasts (NWCGE) is a not-for-profit organization. NWCGE is a NW-centric group created in 1997 with the interest of preserving the cultural and historical aspects of the videogames.

Although the focus is primarily geared towards "classic" gaming technology which includes the preservation of historical hardware, games, game ideas and core concepts; NWCGE also recognizes the importance and fun all of the modern systems have to offer such as PCs, N64s, Saturn, Amiga, XBOX, Playstation, etc.. which are continually defining the future of video games.

In each year of it's existence, NWCGE has hosted a classic gaming expo in and/or around the Seattle area known as the NWCGE Expo. NWCGE is very proud to host the Annual Atari 2600 Championships, a truly unique and one-of-a-kind event not found anywhere else. In the past, several key folks in the industry from Atari, Sega, Microsoft, Nintendo have been guests at the annual NWCGE expos. Most notably, Joe Decuir (Atari 2600, Atari 400/800, Amiga hardware designer) has given a keynote presentation at the NWCGE Expo.

I sincerely hope that you can join us in celebrating one of the most enjoyable and creative forms of entertainment ever to be invented. NWCGE folks are a fun, honest and geeky bunch.

If it has pixels... we're for it.

-Lee Krueger
Founder of NWCGE

Rules for the maillist:
There is an electronic mailist that anyone who is interested in videogames ought to sign up for.

Basic rules most be followed:

Discussion of the publications available for the video-games user (whether printed or electronically published) is allowed.

Announcements of websites containing information relevant to the newsgroup (eg. tip sites, review sites, etc) are welcome.

Discussions of Hints and Tips are very welcome, however, caution should be exercised. Subject lines should indicate by a warning or sufficient "spoiler space" within the post.

Flamewars and personal attacks are not tolerated and can result in the
individual(s) removal from the list.

The advertising of items for sale or trade is allowed and encouraged.

Advertising for other classic gaming events (swap meets, tournaments,
etc..) whether national, international or even in your own home is encouraged.

The advertising of non-videogame related items is frowned upon and can result in the individual(s) removel from the NWCGE mailist.

Posting of the sale of pirated or the illegal videogames is banned.
However, information, discussions of video games technology (mod-chips,
etc) is allowed.

Basic netiquette should be adhered to at all times. In short: Binary posting is banned, and attachments in other formats (eg. HTML, VCF, etc) are frowned-upon heavily, as are excessively long signature files.